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Cytomel T3

Cytomel T3 is the common name for the medication known as liothyronine sodium. It is a kind of thyroid hormone that was originally developed for use in treating fatigue, thyroid insufficiency, obesity and various types of metabolic disorders. The "T3" portion of this drug's name refers to triiodothyronine, a naturally occurring thyroid hormone. Cytomel is popularly used by bodybuilders because it increases the body's metabolism, promoting the reduction of body fat and allowing them to achieve a more lean appearance.

Why Is Cytomel T3 Used?

As noted above, Cytomel T3 stimulates the body to produce increased amounts of the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine. This in turn amps up the body's metabolism, allowing it to more effectively and efficiently burn fat, carbohydrates and proteins. People taking Cytomel T3 can achieve far more dramatic weight loss and fat burning results without needing to drastically cut calories in the process. This can make preparing for a competition or other event far easier on the person, as cutting calories typically means a lowered and less efficient metabolism.

Cytomel T3 And Anabolic Steroid Use

Cytomel T3 is very popularly used in combination with various kinds of anabolic steroids of all kinds. By combining Cytomel T3 with anabolic steroids, a more pronounced anabolic effect can usually be achieved. This means that the user has far more pronounced muscles, and an overall more "ripped" appearance. Bodybuilders strive for a perfect balance between large, strong muscles and an overall lean physique; Cytomel T3 can help them achieve such a balance quite efficiently.

Among bodybuilders, Cytomel T3 is also often used in combination with Clenbuterol, another very potent fat burning drug. It is not unusual at all for a bodybuilder to combine Cytomel T3 with Clenbuterol and a popular anabolic steroid, in the hopes of achieving the most cut, ripped look possible. All of these characteristics are used in combination with extensive weight training, as well.

Side Effects and Warnings Associated with Cytomel T3

As with any other drug, there are side effects associated with Cytomel T3. Heart palpitations are one of the most-reported symptoms of using this medication; users who experience this phenomenon are advised to discontinue use. Shortness of breath is another very common side effect, and is likely due to the effect that Cytomel T3 has on a person's metabolism. Sweating and nausea are two are very unpleasant and commonly reported symptoms of Cytomel T3 use.

In addition to the above-mentioned side effects, Cytomel T3 may cause agitation and various sorts of psychic or metabolic disorders. In fact, users must use caution when taking this medication, and must be careful about only using it for about six weeks at a time; using it for longer than that can cause a permanent thyroid deficiency. When first taking Cytomel T3, a person should gradually build up their dosage; similarly, the dosage should be gradually tapered off when going off this drug.

Women are much more likely to experience negative side effects with Cytomel T3 than men are. Therefore, it is not typically recommended for use by women. As with anyone, women who experience strong reactions to Cytomel T3 are advised to discontinue use immediately.