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Furazabol is a kind of anabolic steroid known commercially as Miotolan. Chemically, it is a synthetically derived form of dihydrotestosterone. Like many kinds of anabolic steroid, Furazabol is primarily used by bodybuilders and other athletes looking to bulk up and increase their strength. However, it is not legal to use Furazabol or Miotolan in this way; until 1990, random drug screenings could not detect the steroids in a person's body. Today, it is detectable by such tests, and people taking it must use caution or they stand the risk of being disqualified from athletic competition.

There are many different types of anabolic steroids available today. Each has its pros and cons, and Furazabol is no different. Among its advantages, Furazabol has the characteristic of actually increasing "good cholesterol" - otherwise known as high density lipoprotein (HDL cholesterol). This is significant, since many other types of anabolic steroids have adverse effects on such levels. Therefore, people who struggle with heart disease or who have low levels of HDL cholesterol might select Miotolan or Furazabol in lieu of other available options.

Miotolan - or Furazabol - is a tablet which usually needs to be taken multiple times per day. It has low risks associated with liver damage; as long as the recommended daily dosage is not exceeded, a person does not need to worry about serious damage being done to their liver. A normal, recommended daily dose of Furazabol is anywhere between two to six milligrams. Unfortunately, to achieve the maximum results of this steroid many athletes take far more than this dosage in a day; their risk for liver damage is therefore far higher than a more restrained user's would be.

There are other drawbacks to using Furazabol. One of the most obvious is its price. In order to achieve the kinds of results bodybuilders strive for, they would need to take very high doses of this drug. As it is already a fairly expensive pill, a person would need to spend a lot of money to get the results that they want - especially when compared to the cost of many other anabolic steroids.

Furazabol is considered to be a very obscure medication; in other words, it is not easy to come by, and people usually find it through the black market or other ways beyond the mainstream. For a while, this stopped when it was primarily manufactured by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Seiyaku. Today, a variation of this drug can be found in over the counter applications as a sports nutrition supplement by the name of Furaguno.

The half life of Furazabol is only four hours; this means that it needs to be taken continuously in order to maintain adequate, effective levels in the body. This is undoubtedly at least partly why this kind of anabolic steroid has never really achieved mass popularity, and remains quite obscure to this day. When compared with popular brands like Winstrol and Winstrol Depot, Furazabol or Miotolan is an almost unknown drug. There is no legal classification for this steroid in the United States, as it is not legitimately sold or manufactured by any company in recent years.