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Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid which is known and sold as Winstrol. It was released for the use of the general public in the year 1962. The FDA has  approved Winstrol for human and animal use. It has been foundLegal Winstrol to be useful in the treatment of anemia and hereditary angioedema. Apart from its medical uses, Stanozolol or Winstrol is primarily used by sportsmen and body builders as a performance enhancement drug. The steroid is marked as a dangerous and controlled substance under DEA schedule III. It cannot be issued to individuals unless they have a doctor's prescription for medical use.

Legal issues

The use of Winstrol as a performance enhancement steroid is illegal in professional athletic and bodybuilding competitions in the USA, including the International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF). However, it is allowed when the use is recreational and strictly personal. The performance and strength increasing properties of Winstrol give athletes an edge, which is not honed from their own natural skill, but merely as an effect of the drug. This is the main reason why any performance enhancing drug (PED) gets banned. It is not possible to procure Winstrol legally in the USA as a PED. It can be, however, prescribed by doctors for treatment. There are many off market fakes and mimics that are available, these may be dangerous to the person abusing them as their authenticity cannot be verified.

Outside of the USA, in many other countries, Winstrol is easily available as medication and also as a PED. Most of the time,you may require a prescription from a doctor. Sometimes, however, it is a simple over-the-counter purchase. Just because Winstrol is easily procured in other countries, it does not mean you can bring it back into the USA. This could be treated as smuggling as Winstrol is a controlled, schedule III substance under the purview of the DEA.

There have been cases of athletes facing bans or having their medals stripped as a result of being tested positive for Winstrol. The most infamous case of Winstrol abuse is Ben Johnson who was stripped off his hundred meter gold in the 1988 summer Olympics. There is a long list of athletes and sportspeople of almost every discipline who have been caught and have faced similar consequences. Athletes from MMA, Rugby, Soccer, Football, bodybuilding, track and field, boxing, baseball, have faced scandals and bans due to Winstrol abuse. 

Other forms of Winstrol and substitutes

Winstrol is not easily acquired for use as a PED and is banned for competitive sports. Those who wish to use the steroid for personal purposes and for bodybuilding outside of competitions have found other ways to obtain and use them.

Winstrol V is a popular choice in this case and is comparably cheaper. The V stands for veterinary, and is used for pets and other animals like racehorses and dogs. There have been incidents of Winstrol used in fighter roosters as well. They are used to speed recovery of injury, surgery and loss of appetite. Their anabolic properties make them ideal for animals to recover quickly and gain strength. Apart from Winstrol V's therapeutic applications there are also performance enhancement uses. Winstrol PillsMore muscle and appetite ensures horses and race dogs perform better. This is not regulated as stringently as human competitions are and regulations differ from state to state.

The use of Winstrol V in humans is considered as safe as the Winstrol tablets and its injectable variety. The chemical structure is the same, but the quality and purity of the substance is debatable. There are claims that the difference in purity between the two is almost negligible 96 to 98 percent and the 'human' variety is required to be 98 to 99 percent pure. However, even veterinary grade Winstrol can also be legally procured only with a doctor's prescription.

Another popular choice which can be termed the next best thing is Anavar. It is much more expensive and is known to be weaker than Winstrol, but also less damaging. This does not mean Anavar is without its side effects, in fact doctors have warned that any anabolic steroid has its own set of disadvantages. As far as availability in the open market goes, you will surely need a prescription for Anavar.   

Legal purchase of Winstrol

Winstrol can be purchased over the counter in many other countries outside of the USA. Popular places include the UK and most of continental Europe, where it is possible to buy it online and get it delivered to your doorstep. There is also a host of off market fakes and underground steroids that are available in places like Thailand, Bangkok and some parts of China. The quality and safety of any off market, underground product is questionable and risks are too high. They may be diluted and under dosed or may just be a placebo.